Federal law, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and Presidential Executive Orders 13834 direct that all federal agencies purchase biobased products in categories identified by the Department of Agriculture (USDA). To date, USDA has identified 139 categories  (e.g. cleaners, carpet, lubricants, paints) of biobased products for which agencies and their contractors have purchasing requirements. Each mandatory purchasing category specifies the minimum biobased content for products within the category.

Biobased product purchasing requirements are included by federal agencies in solicitations, blanket purchase agreements, contracts, and specifications. Requirements also extend to purchases made through purchase cards, electronic catalogs, and other procurement vehicles.

Manufacturers or vendors that have a “qualified” biobased product, one that falls within the definition and meets the minimum biobased content of one of the USDA designated product categories, can have those products listed in the USDA online catalog. USDA’s BioPreferred “Selling Biobased Products in the Federal Market Place” webpage and “Company Tools” webpage provides information on how to add qualified biobased products to the BioPreferred Catalog.