Want a natural step to indoor air quality?

Are you staying inside and thinking about indoor air quality more than ever? If so, you aren’t alone. The American Lung Association (ALA) is hearing from many concerned callers. The good news is that a natural step to cleaner indoor air is as near as your front entrance.

“As a part of the American Lung Association Health House program, we recommend that mats be used outside the home or office,” says National Senior Director Angela Tin. “And we recommend that mats have little petroleum and be biobased to minimize on chemicals.”

You can capture dirt, dust and more before it enters the building. “From America’s farms to Your Floors” is how Signature Flooring describes their Trellis Entryway System with their soy-biobased EnviroCel high-performance backing. Customize them with branded logos, insets and motifs, and size mats for any space from outdoor entryways and lobbies to elevators, hallways and recessed walls.

Watch our video with the American Lung Association sharing biobased entry mats help the environment for individuals as well as at the global level.

We know you don’t want to sacrifice performance for sustainability! Read how the Pentagon started using these mats in 2010 to lighten their environmental footprint and still save money.