United Soybean Board Director Brent Gatton, a Kentucky soybean grower, joined USB farmer leaders on a USB-led trip to California in the summer 2022 where they saw soy-biobased products in use. Included in the trip was a stop at the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park where SYNLawn’s soy-backed turf saves water as it withstands heavy foot traffic. Gatton, a father of three busy athletic boys who spend a lot of time outside, loved the installation so much that it inspired him to put the soy-backed grass to work at his own home by having SYNLawn Kentucky install a soy-backed putting green.

SYNLawn is one of many companies that partner with U.S. Soy to offer its customers a more sustainably made product. The company has installed over 150 million square feet of U.S. soy-backed grass across 300,000 installations in the United States and more than 20 other countries since 2008. SYNLawn added more soy than ever to its products in 2021, which increased its use of U.S. Soy by 10%.

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