The Trucker Highlights the Soy Transportation Coalition’s Partnerships to Promote Soy-Based Fifth-Wheel Grease

A recent article in The Trucker highlights the Soy Transportation Coalition’s (STC) partnership with trucking companies to promote soy-based fifth-wheel grease pads manufactured by Gear Head Lube.

The STC distributed samples of the pads to both fleets and farmers across the country. Ruan, one of the largest family-owned transportation management companies in the nation, partnered with the STC in evaluating the pads for their own fleet and shared positive feedback.


“At Ruan, we examine each aspect of our business to identify opportunities to implement more sustainable practices,” says Mike Elliott, Technical Maintenance Operations Manager for Ruan. “The use of soy-based fifth wheel pads is one such example. These pads are very effective, easy to use, and affordable. And as a product listed on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Certified Biobased Product program, they are better for the environment. We look forward to expanding our usage of this product across the fleet in the future.”


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