United Soybean Board Director Todd Hanten doesn’t just grow soybeans in South Dakota, he also rides on soybean oil every day while driving his Chevrolet Traverse equipped with a Goodyear tire that contains soybean oil in the tire’s tread compound. Soybean oil is included in eight lines of tires made by Goodyear as well as its latest demonstration tire comprised of 90% sustainable materials.

“Innovation and agriculture grow together with soy checkoff investments like our work with Goodyear,” said United Soybean Board Director Todd Hanten who grows soybeans in South Dakota. “It’s exciting to know that the use of soybean oil is  making a difference for performance in these tires.”

Hanten purchased the tires from a local dealer in 2020 and traveled 40,000-50,000 miles on them in two years.

U.S. soybean growers, through their soy checkoff, supported Goodyear research that discovered that soybean oil could improve tire flexibility at low temperatures, helping the rubber to remain pliable in cold weather and enhancing traction in rain and snow simultaneously.

In addition to the tires, Hanten is also using soy-based fifth-wheel grease pads made by Gear Head Lube. The Iowa company makes the grease pads that lubricate fifth-wheel trailer hitches used to couple semi-trailers or heavy-duty trucks to cargo attachments, livestock trailers or RVs.

“The grease pads are easy to use and don’t make a mess like using a grease gun to lubricate the fifth-wheel,” Hanten explains. “You just put two pads on the fifth-wheel plate, and they disperse smoothly and evenly. It’s been a real premium quality product for me.”

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