Road Ready, Soy-based Products are ‘Standard Practice’

Administrator for the Village of Spencerville, Ohio Sean Chapman, says using RePLAY® on newly paved streets is now standard practice.

As with weatherization and energy efficiency efforts, numerous soy-biobased products are effective and proven in road construction projects as well. They are ready to use for new road construction projects resulting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The measure includes a total of $48.1 billion for transportation infrastructure projects, including $27.5 billion for highways and bridges and $1.5 billion for discretionary infrastructure grants.

RePLAY®, a product manufactured by BioSpan Technologies, Inc., with research funds from the soybean checkoff, is designed to prolong the life of streets and highways. The Village of Spencerville, Ohio first used RePLAY® in 2005 and has now made it standard practice to apply the product to all newly paved streets.

“With the rising costs of paving, I feel this is an effective means of extending the life of our streets; ultimately resulting in a tremendous cost savings for the Village’s budget,” said Spencerville Village Administrator Sean Chapman. He pointed to a specific street on which they applied RePLAY® for $1,300, instead of spending approximately $17,000 to repave the street.

“We see this product as a way to extend the life of our streets at a fraction of the cost of traditional paving or sealing,” Chapman added.

BioSpan’s other soy-based paving products include patented non-toxic asphalt removers; paving forms release agents; bed release agent; corrosion protectants; dedusting and bonding agents, concrete curing agents, and Activate™ Millings restoration agent which converts asphalt rubble into new cold paving material for pothole patching and general paving.

Franmar Chemical Company has three products used in road construction — an asphalt cleaner, an asphalt release and a cement release. Justin Rausch, a mechanic for the Carroll County Illinois Highway Department, has been using their Bean-e-doo Asphalt Cleaner on trucks for several years with pleasing results.

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