The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has announced a demonstration tire with 70% sustainable material, including the use of soybean oil. Accompanying the release is a video highlighting soybean oil, alongside other ingredients, in the demonstration.

“The use of soybean oil in tires is a significant Goodyear innovation that helps keep a tire’s rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures,” states Goodyear in its Jan. 6 announcement. “Soybean oil is a bio-based resource that reduces Goodyear’s use of petroleum-based products.”

“The United Soybean Board (USB) welcomes another milestone in Goodyear’s progress and partnership with U.S. soybean farmers,” said USB Director Matt Gast, a soybean grower from North Dakota. “We are pleased that our ongoing soybean checkoff investments with Goodyear continue to grow and create new uses for U.S. Soy that also reduce carbon.”

USB collaborated on research with Goodyear that created a breakthrough for the use of renewable soybean oil as well as performance. This research found the use of soybean oil could improve the functionality of tires in colder temperatures and across wet surfaces.

Goodyear set a lofty goal to create a 100% sustainably made tire by 2030. With the use of soybean oil, the company can proudly report it is well on its way.

Goodyear’s video, seen below, features Goodyear Chief Engineer Bob Woloszynek.

“Leveraging the unique properties of soybean oil has been a significant innovation for us when it comes to sustainability,” Woloszynek says.

Goodyear’s cooperation with USB has helped lead the way to these four lines of commercially available Goodyear tires containing soybean oil.