September 5, 2023

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has introduced the Cooper® Cobra Instinct™ with soybean oil in its tread compound. The use of soy in the tire builds on the U.S. Soy checkoff partnership where Goodyear tires contain soybean oil as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum-based materials in the tread compound. Using soybean oil in the tread allows for the tread to stay pliable and grip the road in colder temperatures.

Goodyear completed its acquisition of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in June 2021.  “U.S. soybean growers are pleased that Goodyear continues to grow its use of soy in its tires, including expanding to the Cooper Cobra Instinct tire that is offered in 25 sizes of wheel diameters,” said Steve Reinhard, United Soybean Board Vice Chair and Ohio farmer. “Checkoff investments allow us to partner with innovative researchers at companies like Goodyear and then engage sustainability leaders about the benefits of soy for their fleets and more.”

Announced in August, the new Cooper Cobra Instinct is an all-season sports performance tire that is available in 25 sizes, from 17 to 20 inches. Popular vehicle fitments include the Chevrolet Camaro, the Ford Mustang, the Mazda 3, the Lexus IS 300 and the Acura TLX.

“Outfitted for a range of high-performance sedans, CUVs, SUVs and muscle cars, the Cooper Cobra Instinct was built to unlock vehicle performance and deliver confidence and control to drivers behind the wheel,” said Michiel Kramer, director of product marketing at Goodyear. “This tire is designed to keep up with drivers and the quick decisions they make on the road, without sacrificing wet weather performance or sleek design.”

The Cooper Cobra Instinct is engineered with an asymmetric tread pattern and sweeping tread grooves for agile traction, enhanced grip and improved braking distance on wet and snowy roads. A signature sidewall design with a snakeskin-inspired look also delivers striking aesthetics for a bold curb appeal. A rim protector helps guard and protect wheels from damage.