Across the nation, U.S. companies are now offering hundreds of biobased products, ranging from cleaning supplies to greases and lubricants to paints, made with ingredients grown right here on American farms. Soybean oil is one of the leading renewable ingredients in biobased products. Soy-biobased products can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and VOC emissions. Workers stand to gain as well through reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and less irritation from odors.

  1. Adhesive and Graffiti Removers – Biobased adhesive and graffiti removers can remove glues; sticker/tape residue; gum, ink and crayon marks; tar; and graffiti from a variety of surfaces.
  2. All-Purpose Cleaners – Biobased cleaners can be used to clean offices, shop floors, and more. Truck and car wash cleaners are also available.
  3. Anti-Freeze – Biobased anti-freeze can replace a traditional petroleum-based anti-freeze.
  4. Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel – Biodiesel is the only advanced biofuel that has reached nationwide commercial production across the United States. Defined in the Internal Revenue Code as liquid fuel produced from renewable biomass meeting the same fuel specifications as diesel fuel (ASTM D975) and/or heating oil (ASTM D396). It is similar to biodiesel in its feedstock and end use in diesel engines, although it goes through a different refining process.
  5. Concrete Durability Enhancer – Proven penetrating protection for shop floors, roads, bridges and more against water, salt, and freeze/thaw damage. Can be applied safely near water and without PPE.
  6. General Purpose and Penetrating Lubricants – Biobased penetrating lubricants can be used to provide lubrication in various applications including frozen nuts and bolts, power tools, gears, valves, chains, and cables.
  7. Glass, Stainless Steel, and Metal Cleaners – Biobased glass cleaners can be used to clean vehicle windshields and metal cleaners can be used to clean vehicle wheels. Biobased stainless steel cleaners can be used on drinking fountains and in bathrooms.
  8. Greases and Oil – Biobased EP grease, bar and chain oil, gear oil, and two-cycle engine oil are available.
  9. Hand Cleaner – Biobased hand cleaners can be used in the shop to remove a variety of substances, including grease, engine oils, adhesives, tar, lacquers, paint, and ink from hands.
  10. Hydraulic Fluid – Biobased hydraulic fluids can be used in mobile or stationary hydraulic equipment and make spill clean up much easier with minimal environmental impact.
  11. Motor Oil – Biobased motor oil is formulated using advanced additive technology to help protect your engine and the environment.
  12.  Parts Cleaners/Degreasers – Biobased parts cleaning and washing fluids can be used in dip tanks and parts washers to remove oils, carbon, and grease from a variety of parts. Degreasers can also be used to clean engines and shop floors.
  13. Tires – Biobased tires, available from Goodyear, help displace petroleum without sacrificing performance.