122 Natural Choices with Soy in Skechers Boots, Sneakers And Sandals

The City of Madison, Wisconsin’s Mahanth Joishy and Cook-Illinois Corporation COO John Benish Jr. have long rolled with U.S. Soy in their fleets. Both USB Bio Ambassadors speak across the nation about the benefits of using soy in biodiesel for its positive environmental impact, these days they are also rocking soy in an entirely different fashion. Made with the same soybean oil technology that is proven in eight lines of Goodyear tires, Skechers shoes adorn the feet of both men, in and out of the fleet shop. Benish chose the water repellant and laceless GO WALK® Arch Fit® Outdoor – Castle Rock. Joishy is sporting the Work™: Arch Fit® Tarver CT men’s waterproof boot.

“Using soy, we’ve reduced 14 million pounds of CO2 since 2014,” notes Joishy, the city of Madison’s fleet superintendent who is piloting B100 biodiesel in heavy equipment and has led the city’s procurement of more than 1000 sets of soy-containing tires. “We get a lot of calls from other fleets, too,” he adds of the interest his colleagues have in replicating Madison’s success.

Although he and Benish Jr. are shrinking their environmental footprint with U.S. Soy, they are also leaving a positive footprint in their new Skechers shoes. The shoes are just one style of the 122 different Skechers shoes made with soybean oil technology,

USB supported Goodyear research that discovered that soybean oil could improve tire flexibility at low temperatures, helping the rubber to remain pliable in cold weather and enhancing traction in rain and snow simultaneously. Skechers outsoles use this same technology to deliver increased grip, stability, and durability.

“Thanks to soybean growers’ investments and work with Goodyear since 2011, we have 8 different lines of tires with U.S. Soy available for vehicles across the nation,” says Steve Reinhard, a USB Director and soybean grower from Ohio. “Not only that, but Skechers has taken another step with over 122 different types of shoes using the same technology. It is an extra benefit to have our Bio Ambassadors wearing those shoes on and off the shop floor.”

To find Skechers with soy, go to www.skechers.com

Search for: Goodyear Rubber in the box that asks: What are you looking for?

The shoe contains soy if the key feature/description says: Goodyear® Rubber Performance Outsole delivers enhanced traction, stability, and durability.