Soy-biobased Videos

Soybeans can be found in a variety of industrial and commercial products

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Red, White, & Biobased


Yellowstone Carpet Brings Biobased Beauty to Beastly Performance Pressures


Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Biobased Lubricant


Medford Township Public Schools using Soy-backed Yellowstone Collection Carpet


See why DC Water Says Get on Board with Biobased and Biodiesel in Fleets


Ford and soy-biobased 'better seats:"  American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest Video Featuring Ford Customer Response to Biobased


"Busy beans:" Soybeans replace petroleum in a variety of commercial and industrial products


Penn State Elevators Go Up—Environmental Risks Go Down:  Penn State University using soy-based hydraulic fluids in elevators.


Jackson Hole Ski Resort Catches Thrills with Biobased Products


Smithsonian Institution Uses a Variety of Biobased Products


U.S. Department of Defense's DLA Green Product Evaluation and Implementation Program


Sherwin Williams, United Soybean Board EPA Green Chemistry Award