Life Cycle Cost Checklist

This life cycle checklist has been developed for potential buyers to better understand and evaluate the life cycle costs of using biobased products compared to non-biobased products. The selection of a product should not be based solely on the initial purchase price but rather a comparison should be made with the competing product in all aspects such as performance per unit used, safety and health, environmental impact and end-of-life fate. Very few products are equal in all these aspects and attendant costs, thus the initial purchase price is but one factor that should be considered during the procurement decision-making process.

Use of a product life cycle checklist can be a useful tool for identifying and analyzing key differences between biobased and non-biobased products. The checklist can help differentiate biobased product characteristics than may not be readily apparent but, when considered over the useful product life, can frequently provide cost saving benefits. These benefits can be in the form of enhanced performance and/or worker safety, and reduced environmental impacts.

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