Webinar: Ford and Collegiate Biobased Innovation

3rd place winners of the 2016 Student Soybean Innovation Competition at Purdue University. Photo courtesy of Indiana Soybean Alliance.USB hosted a 70-minute interactive webinar featuring Ford and collegiate biobased innovators as they received feedback and career advice from a top Ford engineer. The United Soybean Board-supported Collegiate Biobased Network partnered with the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and the American Society of Oil Chemists (AOCS) to offer this educational webinar at no charge to participants.

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Cynthia Flanigan, PhD, Manager of Design and Final Assembly Systems Department, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.Cynthia Flanigan, PhD., presented Ford’s latest biomaterial’s innovations. Flanigan is the Manager of the Design and Final Assembly Systems Department in the Materials & Manufacturing organization within Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. Her technical work on developing biomaterials led to soy-biobased polyurethane foam on seating for all Ford vehicles built within North America. 

Following Flanigan’s presentation, Purdue University winners of the 2016 Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance presented their work. The winning teams looked to soy to develop safer hand soap, laundry detergent pods and packaging materials. Flanigan provided feedback to the students on their biobased innovations and the potential pathways to product commercialization.