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President issues Executive Order on Planning for Federal Sustainability

Athletic Complex Home to Soy-Based Turf

See why DC Water Says Get on Board with Biobased and Biodiesel in Fleets

Samsung Saves 30 Tons of Petroleum with Soy Ink

Biobased Product Categories Designated by USDA for Federal Procurement Preference

Report Reaffirms Formaldehyde as Known Human Carcinogen

Plant-based Polyols Boost Sustainability of Cars, Carpets, Coatings and So Much More

Established in 2003 and based in Springdale, Ark., the company helps make everyday products better for the world by using polyols made from farm-grown plants instead of petrochemicals.

Biobased Feedstocks, Intermediates and Complex Products Now Eligible for USDA Designation

Some biobased products are easy to recognize. Soy-biobased cleaning products, inks, paint, greases and oils, are all finished products. Others are not as obvious because they are an ingredient, rather than a finished product. For example, soy polyols are used to make foam and other materials such as coatings, binders, sealants and adhesives. In turn, these materials are used to make components for complex finished products we use every day, such as mattresses, furniture and even cars.

Biodiesel Pioneer Embraces Additional Biobased Products

Looking to build on his success with biodiesel and the other sustainability initiatives he champions, Biluck turned to biobased products. About two years ago, he participated in a USB-sponsored biobased product demonstration project through which he tried a number of soy-based cleaning products and lubricants.  Biluck was so pleased with the performance and environmental benefits of the products he pursued additional opportunities to integrate biobased products into his school district.

Move Over Petroleum, Make Way for the Biobased Economy

Biobased manufacturers and government representatives joined the United Soybean Board (USB) on June 17 & 18, 2014 in Washington, D.C. to discuss their roles in reversing America’s petroleum-laden past and accelerating the nation’s biobased future.