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Turn a good idea into a commercial product

Award-Winning Education Center Takes Formaldehyde-Free Materials to the Farm

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the American Institute of Architects East Tennessee have honored a project spearheaded by the University of Tennessee (UT) College of Architecture and Design.

Soy-Based Air Filter & Odor-Reducing Toilet Spray Top Annual Innovation Competition

A soy-based air filter for use in residential and commercial applications is the winner of this year’s Student Soybean Product Innovation Competition at Purdue University.

Soy-Biobased Rejuvenator Applied to Hundreds of Miles of Tennessee Highways’ ‘Longitudinal Seam’

Whether it’s a two-lane country road or a superhighway, the first area to fail in an asphalt highway is often the longitudinal joint (or seam).

Univ of Minnesota researchers develop safer, more effective molecule

CBN member Kristeen Joseph is part of a team at the University of Minnesota which has developed a biobased molecule -- known as an Oleo-Furan-Surfactant (OFS).  This new surfactant molecule can replace synthetic, petroleum-based molecules that are used in a wide-range of everyday products.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: Smooth Sailing with Biobased

Lorena Nelson has never been afraid to make her voice heard and stand up for what she believes is right. Starting when she was a custodial worker, and continuing today as Custodial Supervisor for Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Nelson fights to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and lessen environmental impacts.

2016 Biobased Stakeholders’ Dialogue Overview

Biobased Benefits Shine for Energy Security and Economy

Webinar: Ford and Collegiate Biobased Innovation

EPA Honors Biodiesel Pioneer with Environmental Champion Award