American-Made Soy Foam Futons Are a Top Seller

Founded in 1976, The Futon Shop is one of the largest eco-friendly retail trendsetters in the nation. With ten locations throughout California, the company has sold more than two million futon mattresses, sofa beds, and platform beds. All futon mattresses are made with domestically produced soy-based foam. 

Within the last couple of years, the Futon Shop’s line of futon mattresses -- made with soy-based foam – is one of the company’s biggest sellers. The soy-based foam – Preserve -- is manufactured by Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company in North Carolina.

“The Futon Shop uses only green materials such as soybean foam, organic cotton, double-tempered recycled steel, and chemical-free latex,” explains The Futon Shop Founder and CEO Suzanne Diamond. “We’re not only proud of our commitment to the environment, but our efforts to reduce dependence on foreign oil and support American jobs.”

The United Soybean Board (USB) funded research that helped lead to the development of soy-based foam. The foam manufacturing process involves a reaction between petroleum-based polyols and other petro chemicals. Soy polyols can be substituted for a portion of petroleum polyols. Soy-based foam provides the same quality, comfort and durability as petroleum-based foam, with the added benefits of being made from a renewable resource and better for the environment.

Diamond created the first hand-made Japanese style cotton futon in Boston as a student at the Boston Museum School of fine arts.  She was influenced by Michio Kushi, a Japanese natural healer who taught her the health benefits of sleeping on natural fibers instead of polyurethane foam, which is typically used in mattresses.   

For more about the Futon Shop visit and check-out this video that aired on the television program America’s Heartland about Preserve soy-based foam:

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