Collegiate Biobased Network

Biobased Innovation & Career Advice webinar

Listen and view a recording of a 60-minute interactive webinar featuring collegiate biobased innovators from Purdue University as they receive feedback and career advice from Cargill’s Industrial Specialties experts. The webinar took place September 6, 2017.

Purdue students Harshit Kapoor (at podium) and Andrew Cameron presented their “Soy Pods” laundry detergent concept at the 2016 USB Biobased Stakeholders’ Dialogue in Washington, DC. Seated at left are Seventh Generation Inc. Director of Sustainability Martin H. Wolf and Textile Management Associates Director of Sales Alan Snipes who gave feedback to the students to help guide them on the path to commercial success.Are you interested in green chemistry? Reducing our environmental footprint? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of biobased products for the environment, energy security and the economy?  Then join us in the Collegiate Biobased Network, a no-cost professional development organization.

See what schools and universities are doing with biobased.

The CBN’s mission is to inform college and university students about opportunities with biobased products and to connect students with biobased industry leaders and fellow interested students. CBN is supported by the United Soybean Board and there is no cost to join.  The CBN will offer educational and future career connections.

Meet some current CBN students

The program will keep you informed about the latest developments in biobased products, including:

  • Sustainability
  • Research
  • Federal and State procurement programs
  • Available products



Benefits for Students:

Arvin Yu a PhD student in the Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at North Dakota State University shared his research during the 2015 student poster session. (Photo credit: Peter Cutts Photography)The CBN provides opportunities for students in all disciplines. Educational and career opportunities include:

  • Regular updates on biobased developments
  • Webinars on biobased topics
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Participation in annual United Soybean Board Biobased Products Stakeholders’ Workshop
  • Display and present your biobased research poster at selected events.

Current CBN student research






Because of the potential for biobased products to create new markets for soybeans, U.S. soybean farmers have invested millions of dollars to research, test and promote biobased products. Much of this work was done through the United Soybean Board, which is composed of 70 U.S. soybean farmers appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to invest soybean checkoff funds. As stipulated in the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Services has oversight responsibilities for the soybean checkoff.